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The Universe offers extremely big laboratories, which cannot be thought of on the earth. Many principles are discovered and proven via studying the Universe: starting with Newtonian mechanics, discovery of mesons, general relativity, black holes, gravity wave, and the study extends to the origin of space-time. There is no more exciting laboratories than the universe. Such studies, {\bf Astrophysics}, is the main field of our group.

The most important force to the Universe, amongst the known four, is the gravitational force. However, only the gravity cannot causes varieties of phenomena in the Universe, but it is coupling with electromagnetic force that is responsible for. Electromagnetic force stimulates transfer of angular momentum, and then telestial objects such as stars and galaxies are formed, in addition, so-called cosmic jets, the mechanism of which we yet understand, are produced.

Recently, technics for observations of high energy cosmic photons and particles are greatly improved. Many kinds of high energy phenomena in the Universe are discovered. Neutron stars, massive black holes and cluster of galaxies, all radiate X-rays and gamma-rays. Interestingly, energy density of the high energy particles is as high as other kinds of energy densities, such as gas, microwave background radiation, which is a fossil of Big Bang. In this way, it is an outstanding problem why so dense non-thermal particles are naturally formed and how they affect the evolution of Universe.

Our group is one of a few institutes in Japan which aim to include the electromagnetic effects and the high energy components in the study of the Universe.

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