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Department of Physics,
Faculty of Science,
Yamagata University

(left figure) an artist picture of the pulsar magnetophere. Plulsars are rapidly rotating neutron stars with very large magnetic field. They are huge dinamos with hundreds million volts and procuces electron-positron plasmas. They emit strong X-ray and gamma-ray emission.

(membership) International Astronomical Union (IAU), Astronomical Society of Japan, Japan Society of Physics Eduation
(research field) Astrophysics, High Energy Physics
(research projects) Particle Acceleration in the Pulsar Magnetosphere, Particle Acceleration in pulsar wind nebulae, interstellar sapace, e.g., SNRs, and also in clusters of galaxies.
Cosmic electromagnetizm, Space plasma physics,
X-ray Observation of Pulsars and Pulsar Nebula, SNRs.
Method of Astronomy and physics education
(some details of the work) For the faculty education, I give lectures on basic physics and Astro- physics. Of many astrophysics research groups in Japan, ours show highest activities in the field of high energy astrophysic and cosmic electro- dynamics. I am working on high energy paritcle acceleration in the pulsar megnetosphere mostly in the theoretical point of view. I also orgaize an observational research group with X-ray telescopes, collaborating with ISAS, RIKEN, and NASDA. My research work extends to origin of magnetic field and cosmic rays in galaxies and clusters of galaxies.
(social activity) We have a domestic actitiy for astronomoy education, offering publich lectrures and experimental activity for children.
selected publications (for recent paters see here)
1.  Shibata, S., Miyazaki, J., Takahara, F., 1998, "On the Electric-Field 
Screening by Electron-Positron Pairs in the Pulsar Magnetosphere", 
Mon. Not. R astr. Soc.  Vol. 295, pp L53 

2. N Shibazaki, N Kawai, S. Shibata and T Kifune, 1998, "Neutron Stars and 
Pulsars", Universal Academy Press, 564 pages.

3. Shibata, S., Sugawara, T., etc 1997, "X-ray Nebula around the Gamma-ray 
Pulsar PSR 1055-52", Astrophys. J. Vol. 483, pp. 843-848

4. Shibata, S., 1995, "Origin of the Gamma-Ray Pulsars", Mon. Not. R astr. Soc.  
vol. 276, pp.537-548

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